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What is the CaseyTrain?


The CaseyTrain is a community of hard working, driven, and motivated individuals that strive to be better everyday. Established in 2018, the CaseyTrain started with a single coach, Casey Barnette. Since then, it has developed into much more. 


The vision was to help as many others better themselves in their health and fitness journeys as possible. After transforming hundreds and seeing the culture grow to much larger than expected, The CaseyTrain brought on the additional coaches to the team. Each coach providing a unique value and level of expertise in order to increase the level of impact and how many lives could be changed. This is what separates The CaseyTrain as an online coaching platform. 


We call it the “Train” because there is no stopping the force of so many inspired to improve themselves. All of us on the same tracks, chugging towards that end goal together. 


This is The CaseyTrain

Lets Get Connected

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