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My name is Casey Barnette. I am an experienced Health Coach, Performance Supplement Company Owner, and Social Media motivator with over 9 years of Health Industry experience. Building brands and changing lives is my mission.


I started in the Health Industry with a supplement retailer, Complete Nutrition. The retail front allowed me to change thousands of lives directly through proper nutrition and supplementation meanwhile completing my Bachelor’s Degree. After my four years of working at Complete Nutrition as a General and District Manager while finishing my degree, I went on to start my own online coaching business in 2018.  


Since 2013, I have helped hundreds of clients break through obstacles that seemed to have been holding them back in both fitness and in their personal life.


My philosophy is that life is too short to be uncertain or unfulfilled. Therefore, I focus on the “wins” within each clients’ journey. Focusing on the accumulating daily and weekly progress is what adds up to the bigger wins for the end goal. My coaching methods are to set the client up for a successful and sustainable, long term fitness journey through proper guidance, education, and accountability.


I am here to guide you through your fitness and health goals. Whether you are just beginning to lead a healthy lifestyle, an intermediate or experienced lifter wanting to take it to the next level, or looking to compete in a bodybuilding show, there is a coaching package for you!


I offer lifestyle coaching as well as competition prep. I will develop your understanding of proper nutrition and training as you gain your own understanding and knowledge. You will build the confidence to reach your goals and enjoy the process along the way. Welcome to the #CaseyTrain.

About Me
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