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Coach Jason Reed


My name is Jason Reed, being a part of the CaseyTrain has changed my life. 


Being in IT for over 25 years at a corporate job, I fell into the normal American life of lack of exercise, sleepy afternoons, and trendy diets that I followed. Even though I have a passion for hockey, playing local Ice hockey leagues and occasional tournaments as my only real activity - I woke up at 45, well overweight with over 35% in body fat. I was feeling tired all the time and hated seeing myself in the mirror, as well as any pictures. I could hardly play hockey anymore competitively or even reach over to tie my skates. I knew something had to change. 


Finding Casey in my local community, I was able to regain my physique and take back control of my health. Through the process of working with Casey I became passionate about nutrition, training, and supplements to help those around me. I knew joining his team would help me impact others in the same, life changing way.


Being a client of CaseyTrain first, I can tell you that his system and process are even more effective than I’d hoped. I am now down over 75lbs and around 9.4% body fat. I have the energy and endurance to play hockey and with my family the way I have always wanted to. Health and fitness have become my lifestyle and I wouldn’t have it any other way! My goal is to help others who don't know where to start or to get off the plateau - and into the results they have always wanted. 


One thing is certain, health and fitness are essential to a productive life including your future years ahead. Enjoy your life by being the healthiest you can be!

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