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Coach Tori Sonkin 


Hey! My name is Tori Sonkin, and I'm a health and lifestyle coach. I'm here to help you create healthy habits while reaching your specific goals with food freedom.

Growing up, I  was always focused on the social epidemic of "being skinny enough," which led me to my extreme bulimic habits, which in turn damaged my relationship with food, my metabolism, and my self-confidence. I was constantly in a state of self-pity until I decided to take control of my life and go ALL IN. I invested my college money into a coach, forever changing my life. I'm here to do the same and help direct you on how fueling your body correctly is essential to reaching your goals and that food isn't the enemy.

Together, we will help you find your version of balance and revitalize your life physically and mentally. Together, we will grow into the best version of ourselves and learn to fall in love with the journey. It's time to take control and go ALL IN.

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