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Today we are disconnected from our nutrition, body, and true purpose which can lead into a negative ripple effect in all aspects of life. Kenny is passionate about raising awareness of mental health issues, standardizing health through performance, and practicing a holistic look into living a stronger long-term life by these three core pillars:


1. Structured and strategic movement that optimizes physical, mental, and emotional well-being.  


2. Enhanced biomechanics and peak performance using individualized and science based programming.  


3. Establish self-confidence through optimized nutrition to optimize internal function and prevent nutrient deficiencies. 


As a Certified Athletic Trainer, Strength/ Conditioning Coach, and Sports Nutritionist.

It’s my mission to improve performance, improve  body aesthetic, enhance physique, decrease risk of injury by optimizing nutrition, training, and building a sustainable healthy lifestyle through my virtual guidance. 

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