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My name is Brittany Kish and I’m an Online Fitness and Health Coach. I started as a client of LeslyLove and the CaseyTrain community in 2021. Over the last few years, I have experienced tremendous growth under this platform physically, spiritually, but most importantly mentally.


In just two years of hard work, consistency and discipline; I can truly say that I have grown to completely LOVE MYSELF!


I struggled for years fighting my own personal battles on staying consistent with fitness and nutrition. I hated myself every time I looked in the mirror. It wasn’t until I truly tapped in and focused solely on myself, that I realized it’s okay to be selfish with investing in and putting yourself first!


With a four year Group Fitness background and passion for helping others; working with me you’ll not only gain a personal cheerleader to hold you accountable, but you will reach your full potential physically, get consistent with a nutrition plan designed specifically for you, and grow into completely loving yourself through the whole process in becoming the best version of YOU!


So what are you waiting for? Everyone has a day one; let’s start your journey today and work together…ONE DAY AT A TIME.



ISSA Certified Personal Trainer

Group Fitness Trainer for 4 years

Bodybuilding Competitor

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