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Hi I’m Kenny McCullough CPT/Sports Nutrition certifications coming off of my marathon prep meanwhile using science based training for bodybuilding. I believe endurance/strength training correlates to a healthier stronger longer lifestyle. 

I started my journey back in early 2022. I was letting society, external pressures dictate my life decisions. Decided to start optimizing my health,  lifestyle, and mental space. Direct reflection of all the pillars I started to see a positive impact on all of my foundations of building consistent wins through setting that commitment.


Teaching the principles so you have the best informative knowledge to face any challenges that may arise. Optimizing your health is the best approach to a longer stronger lifestyle that should be the key priority. When working with me we understand each person is unique, so we structure our coaching and training around you as an individual. While our approach is individualized, I believe being a part of a community is the best way to keep us consistent and striving towards your goals.

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